12 Easy Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021

Buying Christmas decorations can be an expensive venture no matter how frugal you are about it. If you have saved wrapping paper, bows, and cards from the year before you can begin by using them for decorations – Christmas decorating ideas 2021.

We all save the cards from those that mean the most to us, and we can with a little creativity turn them into ornaments for the tree. Then we can see them from year to year and add to them with each successive year.

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021 That You Can Do Yourself

The Christmas holidays are a fun time of year and there are all kinds of decorating ideas that you can do on the cheap. The important thing to remember is that you are supposed to have fun decorating your home for the holidays with your family. I am sure you begin with the Christmas holiday decorations that you already have, and try to think of how you can use them differently than you did last year.

1. Christmas Ideas for Decorating With Garland

You can apply the same ideas of using the homemade garland inside your home as well. Care should be used when using fresh garland, as it will dry out, so you will not want to have any open flame near it.

If your Christmas craft ideas include the use of candles that you will want to go with artificial garland. This will allow you to carry the decorating idea from outside into the house without the fire risk.

Great easy Christmas decorating ideas 2021 – use this beautiful string art kits with light garland!

Garland of Orange Peels

Christmas Decorating Ideas 2021 With Light Garland

Christmas Card Ideas

Current cards can be displayed as decorations for all to see when they stop by. In the old days, they strung popcorn and cranberries on a string and put them on the tree. Young kids would make chains using construction paper and then hang them on the tree. You can purchase styrofoam balls or other shapes and use them to create your own tree ornaments.

Here are simple DIY Christmas card craft ideas for kids.

2. Christmas tree with stars

3. Christmas Card Santa Claus

4. Handmade Christmas Tree Card

5. Strips of Paper Christmas Tree

6. Funny Cards – Snowman, Deer, Christmas Tree

These Christmas ideas are inexpensive and shift the focus from the hustle and bustle of the shopping mall back to the dining room table. Where the family gathers to make the ornaments to put on the tree or to be displayed around the house. The deafening sounds of the crowds at the mall are replaced with the laughter of children. The fun you have with your children and the smiles on their faces as they do these small craft projects will do wonders to reduce your stress levels this holiday season, so enjoy!

7. Advent Calendar from Cardboard Cylinders – House

8. Advent Calendar from Cardboard Cylinders – Christmas Tree

9. Pine Cones Christmas Ornaments

You can go on an outing into the forest where there are plenty of pine trees and see how many pine cones you can find. Gather up about 10 to 20 pinecones and bring them home to be used for making Christmas ornaments.

Use some ribbon and spray-on snow to make them look wintry. Place them in small groups and hang or display them around the house both inside and outside.

10. Christmas Florarium Composiion

11. Christmas Gifts Design

12. Applique Paper Snowman

You can spend an evening around the dining table with your handy craft supplies and make some homemade ornaments for the tree or other areas of the house.

This is always fun for the kids and you can create some beautiful keepsakes that will find their way onto the tree year after year. Making your own decorations is a wonderful holiday tradition.

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