Is there any better feeling than thinking, “I created that?” 

Is there any better feeling than knowing you started something from scratch and can say, “I finished that”? Is there a better confidence boost than looking at a completed work with pride, hanging it up in the perfect place, passing it every day, and knowing that despite all the craziness, YOU found the time for creativity? In my life, I have found that there’s nothing quite like it.

Like many, I have faced my own trials. There have been toxic relationships, a failed business, and total burn-out from all the pressures placed on me. My quiet came from needlework, where I could lovingly pull a thread, where I could see a design, even when it looked so blank. That’s how I felt before like there was a pattern inside me that was just waiting to be colored in.  

That’s why I started, because not only did I find my passion, but I know the stress-relief that comes from working on a project that’s all your own. Here is where I sell the best high-quality kits, each individually selected by me to ensure you have a great experience with your new hobby. Oh, and the best part? I offer FREE shipping and gifts for my clients as my way of showing gratitude. 

A little more “About Me” – I’ve been cross-stitching for eight years, am a mother to a lovely 6-year-old daughter, and am a proud cat-person.

I am also a cross-stitch and needlework patterns designer. For exclusive content and designs created by me, visit That is where I share my creations and create unique personalized patterns for my patrons. 

Let’s create something beautiful together!

Sincerely yours, Ira