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Beads Embroidery Kits

Here you will find beads embroidery kits from Ukraine (shipping from the USA and Europe) on various themes: flowers, still lifes, birds, animals, portraits, children, landscapes, and others. And kits for jewelry!

These bead kits are based on bead embroidery – stitching beads to a special fabric. Bead embroidery kits using the back on the needle and half cross stitch techniques.

Our embroidery kits are completed with all necessary supplies.

Each kit includes the base (fabric with a printed pattern), beads, needle and needle threader, thread for sewing beads, instructions. Needle with a small eye to facilitate easier passage through the small holes in seed beads.

A beading kit is a perfect way to enjoy creating beaded designs. You can use the convenience and security of beading from a kit and still enjoy a custom, handcrafted design.


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