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String Art Kits

Buy string art kits and handcraft stunning home decor with string art kits! The projects are designed for all skill levels, including beginners. Easy to do by kids to boost their creativity and agility.

Your design will stand out from the wooden board backdrop to catch everyone’s eye. Simply wind the colorful string around your hooks to bring the artwork to life!

Our string art kits combine artistry and craft-making for seasoned crafters and beginners.

Buy string art kits and get everything you need to make your fabulous design. Every string art kits have board, nails, all of the colors of string you need, a template with instructions to guide you through every step. You can start right away with your project – just open the kit and you are ready to go!

String art kits can maintain your or your kid’s imagination and creativity for a long time. They are also very popular for a birthday gift.

After the design is ready you can put it as wall decor in your kid’s room or anywhere that wall decoration is a nice fit.

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